40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals

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40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals
40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals

40 Healthy high protein snacks

If you live a hectic lifestyle, high protein snacks can be useful when hunger hits and you don’t have time to plan a meal.

But the problem is,  many snack foods offered today are rich in refined carbohydrates and sugar, which can leave you feeling unfulfilled and craving for more food.

Now the key is to make sure your snacks are nutritious and contain high protein.

Most nutrition experts recommend  nearly 10 to 15 grams of protein is a good amount for a healthy high protein snacks.

Protein promotes fullness because it signals the discharge of appetite-suppressing hormones, slows digestion, and stabilizes your blood sugar levels in body.

There are lots of foods which contain protein. Foods obtained from animals such as meat, eggs, seafood and dairy are highest in protein.

Plant foods like nuts, beans, and legumes contain varying amounts of protein. But if you follow a vegetarian diet, eating a mixture of plant-based proteins during the day can help you meet your protein needs.

It  is good for your health to take protein from a variety of sources.

Why is protein vital for a snack?

Protein is a big spotlight for people on a diet. People looking to eat in good health because when you include it in a meal or snack, it helps you sense satiated.

The truth is, we almost always get enough protein without even trying.

In the United States the average woman eats about 73 grams per day, while the average man takes about 105 g per day.

Both of those intakes are higher than the recommended daily intakes (i.e., 0.8 g of protein per kilogram of body weight.

Here are the list of 40 high protein  snacks that are healthy and even  portable, so you can benefit from them even when you are on the go.


40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals
40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals

Jerky is a type of meat that has been trimmed of fat, cut into strips, and then dried. As a result it makes an excellent and handy snack.

Protein content is very high in it that makes it high protein snacks. On average Jerky beef consists of 9 grams (g) of protein per ounce (28 g).

Usually beef, chicken, turkey, and salmon are made into jerky. It is usually found at most grocery stores.

But you should keep in mind one thing that these  store-bought versions are typically  very high in artificial ingredients and added sugars. Your best stake is to make your own jerky meat, only  using meat and some types of seasonings.

2-Roasted chickpeas

40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals
40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals

Chickpeas, or garbanzo beans, are a type of legume. It has an impressive nutrient profile. They are also a very good source of fibers.

Since it is a  plant-based protein, chickpeas are a great high protein snacks option for person those following a vegetarian diet.

In addition to many minerals and vitamins, 7 gram of protein and 6 gram of fiber are found in one half-cup of cooked chickpeas. 

They are mostly high in iron, folate, iron, magnesium, phosphorus,  manganese and copper.

The combo of fiber and nutrients in chickpeas may help reduce the risk of several health conditions, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancers.

If you want to prepare tasty chickpeas, then  roast them with some basic seasonings and olive oil. Now these roasted chickpeas are crunchy and portable, so you can take them and enjoy when hunger hits.

If you want nutritionally dense substitute for chips and high protein snacks, then this delightfully, crunchy  roasted chickpeas are for you.

Now first rinse a can of chickpeas and stroke them dry with a piece of paper towel.

Toss 1 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil on chickpeas with seasonings of your choices. Seasonings may be cumin or chili powder, salt or pepper.

Spread this mixture on sheet pan and roast at 425°F for 30 to 45 minutes until they become crunchy. Let them cool before final serving. This recipe gives 150 K. cal. energy and 6 gram of protein.

3-Apple with peanut butter

40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals
40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals

Peanut butter along with apple taste great together and make for a nutrient-dense, high protein snacks that provides lots of health benefits.

Antioxidants and the fiber in apples may improve gut health. They also reduce the risk of heart disease.

Peanut butter has been shown to increase HDL (good) cholesterol and reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides levels in blood.

Regardless of the positive effects peanut butter may have on your health, since  it is fairly high in calories, so it is best consumed in moderate quantities.

A medium apple along with 2 table spoons of peanut butter (30g) give 9 gram of protein along with some nutrients like potassium and vitamin C.

4-Spinach and Goat Cheese Egg Muffins

40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals
40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals

Eggs have  6 grams of protein per large egg, but you may not always have time to prepare an omelet.

In its place try to cook up egg muffins, which pack the taste of eggs, peppers, spinach, and goat cheese into one bite-sized snack. These egg cups are very delicious.

They are great for breakfast. This high protein snacks are very easy to make. It contains nearly 8 grams per 2 muffins.

5- Trail mix

40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals
40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals

Trail mix is a type of healthy high protein snacks which is the combination of dried fruits and nuts. It  sometimes also includes chocolate and grains. It is also a good source of protein, which gives 8 g in a 2-ounce (oz) serving.

You can increase the protein content in trail mix by using almonds or pistachios, which are slightly higher in protein than some other types of  nuts like cashews or walnuts.

Since  dried fruit and nuts in trail mix are very high in calories, therefore it is important to not eat too much at a time. A handful is a quiet enough serving.


40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals
40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals

Tuna fish is laden with protein that  makes it as a healthy and high protein  snacks.  A 3-oz plateful of canned tuna contains  notable 20 g of protein, that makes it extra filling.

Moreover, tuna is high in various other nutrients, like vitamins B,  selenium, and contains a significant amount of omega -3 fatty acids.

7-Handful of almonds

40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals
40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals

If you eat  almonds regularly then it is also a very good source of healthy high protein snacks as well as a simple way to fill up on protein.

One ounce of almonds gives 6 g of protein as well as some other nutrients like  vitamin E, trace minerals,  riboflavin and healthy fats.

Taking almond on regular basis is associated with many other health related benefits. It may even help you manage your weight.

Since almonds are also high in calories, so it is important to take in recommended quantity. One handful of almonds nearly equals to 22 almonds.

8-Cottage cheese

40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals
40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals

Cottage cheese is known for filling and  high protein snacks that can be eaten on the go.

Nearly a half-cup (113 g) of cottage cheese gives 14 g of protein. It is roughly equivalent to  69% of its total calorie content.

Other important nutrients like phosphorus, calcium, selenium, vitamin B12 and riboflavin are also found in good amount in cottage cheese.

If you want more delicious high protein snacks, then you can combine  cottage cheese with fruits and nuts.

9-Canned salmon

40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals
40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals

Canned salmon is an excellent example of high protein snacks that you can take with you wherever you go.

 1 oz (28 g) of canned salmon gives more than 6 g of protein along with  other nutrients, including selenium, niacin and vitamin B12.

Salmon is a good source of  omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids  are anti-inflammatory and may lower your risk of heart disease. It also helps in depression, and dementia.

You can enjoy canned salmon on its own or insert some extra flavor with a little bit of pepper and salt. When paired with crackers or chopped veggies it tastes immense.

Single-portion pouches of cooked salmon are available in the market to make it easier to bunch salmon with you on the go.

10-Protein shakes

40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals
40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals

Though you can get your  protein from whole food sources, but protein shakes are an  ideal form of high protein snacks which contains other nutrients too.

Different type of protein powder like egg white, whey, soy and pea protein help in making these healthy high protein snacks.

The good thing about whey protein, particularly is it may be beneficial for fullness. According to one study, person who ate a snack bar containing whey protein consumed notably fewer calories than those who ata a lower protein snack.

Another study tells, a snack of yogurt with added whey protein reduced appetite more than a carbohydrate-rich snack with the same number of calories.

Usually a scoop of protein powder gives 20–25 g of protein, which is enough to keep you full until your next meal.

For making a protein shake, you can simply mix together  1 scoop of protein powder, 1 cup of milk or water, 1 cup of ice, and fruit.

After that pour all this protein shake into a portable container so you can take it with you wherever you go.

11-Lentil salad

40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals
40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals

A lentil salad is a good source of high protein snacks. It is extremely nutritious.

It is a great plant based protein. It gives 18 gram of protein with In fact, 1 cup of cooked lentils. Also provides  large amounts of iron, folic acid and manganese.

Additionally, lentils offer more than 50% of your recommended daily fiber intake. In lentils specific type of fiber are found that promote good bacteria in your colon as a result make healthy gut.

The mixture of fiber, protein and carbohydrates in lentils is particularly helpful for promoting fullness. If you consume regularly it may help manage diabetes.

It also helps in reduce the risk of heart disease and some types of cancer.

Now if you want to make lentil salad, first combine lentils with, spices and chopped veggies.

To make lentil salad, combine cooked lentils with chopped veggies. Now you can garnish it with your choice. It taste much great if you topped with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

12-“Cheesy” seasoned popcorn

40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals
40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals

Popcorn is a popular healthy snack food. It provides some B vitamins, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus  and manganese. Apart from this it also contains a significant amount of fiber, with 4 g per ounce (28 g).

Additionally, some research tell that popcorn is a particularly filling snack. In a one  small study in 2012,  participants who snacked on popcorn were supposed to less hungry and ate less than those who snacked on potato chips.

Regardless of popcorn’s filling effects, it is not in the category of high protein snacks.

But you can significantly increase its protein content by adding nutritional yeast, which provides 5 g of protein per 2-table spoons.

Besides nutritional yeast is a good source of vegan protein, it adds an appealing cheese-like flavor.

If you want to enjoy typical “cheesy” popcorn as a healthy protein snacks simply mingle 3 cups of popcorn with 2 tbsp. of nutritional yeast and a pinch of salt.

13-Overnight oats

40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals
40 High Protein Snacks To Keep You Full Between Meals

Oats are full with many minerals and vitamins. Overnight oats are easy to make, handy and very nutritious.

1-cup (234-g) of oats provides about 15% of your recommended daily fiber intake.

According to several studies, oats have been shown to promote fullness. This is mainly due to their healthy fiber content.

One important study done in 2013 confirms this findings. In this study oats resulted in greater feelings of fullness and reduced desire to eat when compared with ready-to-eat cereal with the same calorie content ..

One more interesting  study compared perceived hunger and food intake after consuming either oatmeal or oranges.

The participants who ate oatmeal experienced a lesser amount of hunger immediately after eating and consumed less food later in the day.

However, oats are not in list of  very high  protein source.

One-third cup of oats provides about 3 g of protein.

If you want to make oats as high protein snacks, you can add cow’s milk or soy milk, nut butter, Greek yogurt, and protein powder.

This overnight oats gives approximately 37 g of protein per serving. To make a snack-size version, piece the overnight oats mixture into a number of small containers before chilling it overnight.

14-Canned sardines

40 High Protein Snacks

Even if canned sardines are not a well-known food in the United States, still canned sardines are a convenient and nutritious snack.

These small fishes are high in protein, calcium, and other nutrients. 8 gram of protein is provided by one Pacific sardine (38 g).

The omega-3 fatty acids are also found in sardines that  can help protect your heart  health and reduce inflammation in your body.

People describe their taste as salty and slightly fishier than tuna fish. Many people like them straight from the can, on a cracker, or in Mediterranean style cooking.

15-Veggies and Hummus

This  combination of veggies and hummus is a good source of high protein snacks. Veggies provide good amount of  fiber and satisfying crunch.

Hummus that is made from blended chickpeas, is a good source of protein and healthy fat. Healthy fat is obtained from olive oil and tahini. Single serving gives 200kcal energy and 8 gram of protein.

This healthy protein snacks are    very refreshing and hydrating since veggies are very rich in water.  You need 2 carrots, 2 sticks celery and 1/3rd cup hummus mix it and enjoy on weekdays.

16-Nut butter

Nut butter

When you think for quick and portable high protein snacks, Nut butter is a good option for you.

Nut butters are full of nutrients, giving a significant amount of healthy fats,  vitamins B, vitamin E, phosphorus, magnesium and trace minerals. A 2-tbsp. (30-g) serving of peanut butter contains 9 g of protein

In the United States, you can check single-serving nut butter packs in the nut butter section in many grocery stores.

You can also scoop your peanut from the jar into small to-go containers.

17-Blood Orange and Coconut Chia Pudding

This commuter friendly breakfast type high protein snacks will satisfy your cravings. 9 grams of protein and 14 grams of fiber per serving is found in this fruit-filled, plant-based pudding.

This high protein snacks is paleo, vegan. Whole 30 compliant and dairy free product also that makes it perfect breakfast.

18- Homemade granola

Granola is a type of baked snack. Its main ingredients are nuts, rolled oats and a sweetener like honey.

Store-bought granolas give some protein but they have very high in sugar and calories. Such type of granolas give 4 gram of protein per one cup (49 g).

Since it is high in calories, 1/3-cup serving can provide almost 300 calories, so we should use it in moderation.

If you want to get more protein and less sugar in your granola, you can make your own  at home.

All you have to do is bake oats, nuts, and seeds together and mix protein powder for an extra boost. It offers 9 g of protein per 1/3 cup of granola. One thing more you can do, use  granola in small amounts to garnish a cup of yogurt or berries.


Immature soybeans are edamame beans that are still in the pod.

They are  high in protein, vitamins, and minerals and make it for a quick and easy healthy protein snacks.

One cup of  edamame gives 18 g of protein and large amounts of vitamin K and folic acids.

Usually, edamame is served as a steamed dish. Many stores offer Precooked and frozen edamame are found in many stores.They need to be heated in a microwave.

All you have to do is put the heated edamame in a portable container so you can enjoy it wherever you go.

If you want to improve the flavor of edamame, add seasonings of your choice and some spices.


Rotating up a smoothie does not have to be difficult It is also used as a healthy protein snacks.

First you have to take 1/2 cup nonfat plain Greek-style yogurt, mix with 1/4 cup low-fat milk, 2 cups unsweetened frozen fruit and 1 tablespoon almond butter.

This recipe create a taste that is high in protein with no added sugar. Every serve gives nearly 20 gram of protein and 300 kcal energy.

21-Chia pudding

Chia pudding has gained popularity in recent times as healthy protein snacks and for good reason. It is very delicious and healthy apart from being high in protein.

One oz. Chia seeds give 4 gram protein. They also provide some other nutrients like phosphorus, calcium and manganese.

They are good for heart as there are high in omega 3- fatty acids and reduce triglyceride level in the body.

.If you want to make protein-rich chia pudding

To make a protein-rich chia pudding, make use of cow’s milk or a high protein milk like soy milk.

One cup ( approx. 240 milliliters) of cow’s milk gives 8 g of protein to your pudding, while soy milk adds about 7 g, depending on the brand you choose.

Now soak these chia seeds in milk  for a few hours and wait, until it reaches a pudding-like consistency. You can add vanilla or cocoa as flavorings.

If you want some extra treat add caramel topping or top off the pudding with some fresh fruits.

22-String Cheese with Whole200-Wheat Crackers

This  quality combination is good for your both mid-afternoon bite and after-school snack.

Whole wheat crackers made from white flour gives more protein and fiber. This  classic party food is low in sodium.

Low fat string cheese is perfectly portioned. Each piece (1- ounce) gives 7 gram of protein. Pulling off individual strings result in making the cheesy goodness last longer.

In nut shell you need 1 ounce low fat string cheese along with 8 low sodium whole wheat crackers.

You can use mozzarella cheese since it is relatively low in fat and calories. As a result it is a healthier cheese option compared to others.

This cheese is also a good source of calcium and probiotics such as bacteria Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus fermentum. Overall this combination gives 210 k cal energy and 10 gram of proteins.

23-Turkey roll-ups

If you searching for another nutritious and delicious high protein snacks option then turkey roll-ups for you. They consist of veggies and cheese wrapped within slices of turkey breast.

You can say a sandwich without the bread. Good thing about this snacks is they are low in carbohydrates and high in protein.

Blood sugar levels are important factor in the regulation of appetite. Turkey roll-ups, have been known to improve blood sugar levels.

Making this high protein snacks is very easy. First place a slice of turkey breast on plate, topping it with a piece of cheese like cheddar.

Now place a strip of cucumber, a pickle and a tomato slice on this top. Now roll all these materials into a wrap.

You can make roll-ups by placing a slice of turkey breast on a plate, such as cheddar, placing a pickle or strip of cucumber and a tomato slice on top and rolling everything into a wrap.

Now every wrap is the good source of 12 gram of protein obtained from cheese and turkey. Tomato and cucumber give fiber and some extra nutrients.

24-Lemony Whipped Goat Cheese

This  lemony whipped goat cheese spread is fresh, buttery and satisfying.

You do not have to worry about any empty calories since each bite is full with veggies and fruits.

Since Lemon Rosemary Whipped Goat Cheese is an impressive appetizer made with only a few simple ingredients, you can serve  it with  fresh veggies or crackers for a delicious, refreshing and flavorful snack.

Buttery, fresh, and satisfying, this goat cheese spread is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Every bite includes fruits and veggies, too, meaning you don’t have to worry about any empty calories.

Every three pieces of this high protein snacks give 8 gram protein.

25-Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are also healthy high protein snacks as they have valuable nutrients apart from protein.

5 gram of protein, great amount of fiber, zinc, magnesium and poly unsaturated fatty acids  are present in on ounce (28 grams) of pumpkin seeds.

They are also source of disease fighting antioxidants like vitamin E and carotenoids. As some researches tell that consuming pumpkin seeds may help prevent certain cancers. They are also helpful for heart due to healthy fat content present in it.

Besides, their protein and fiber content makes pumpkin seeds a great healthy protein snacks to control hunger until you are able to eat a full meal.

Now you have you own choices whether, you can consume them raw or try roasting them with a number of spices.

26-Egg bites

Egg bites are a super healthy protein snacks. It is very simple to make it by mixing eggs with veggies and seasonings. Now pour this mixture into a muffin tin and baking it. As they can be eaten cold or hot, so they are very convenient.

Nutrient content of this recipe can be increased by adding some veggies like onions, spinach and bell peppers. If you do topping with 1–2 tbsp. of cheese, their protein content will also increase naturally.

27-Baked tofu

Tofu is mainly known for being vegetarian-friendly. It is a rich source of protein to enjoy in any type of diet.

It is made from soybeans. Soybeans have been ground, cooked and pressed to make a firm curd.

9 gram of protein will you get from a 3-oz (84-g) serving of firm tofu which makes it a filling healthy protein snacks.

Baked tofu cubes  are easy to finish off and enjoy on the go. If you want to enjoy more with this recipe, try baked tofu tossed in vegetable oil and seasoning for a crispy coating.


What do you think, salad can not be a healthy protein snacks? Conventionally  people take salad during lunch or dinner.

But if you take salad between meals it is a   stellar way to add extra vegetables to your day. Now you take 1/4 sliced avocado, raw, 1 cup raw spinach, 3 tablespoons pumpkin seeds and 1 tablespoon green goddess dressing.

Now mix this salad into a larger bowl so that each leaf can be caked in the delicious dressing. Now sprinkle the salt and pepper on top. This salad gives 279 kcal. Energy and 11 gram protein.

29-Roasted watermelon seeds

When you enjoy a piece of watermelon, you might be in the routine of eating watermelon seeds. These seeds contain protein, iron and zinc.

Satisfying and crunchy snacks are ready for you, if you roast watermelon seeds. You will get 8 gram of protein per ounce (28 g) of roasted watermelon seeds kernels.

You can either purchase pre roasted watermelon seeds or roast in your own oven.

Even  watermelon seed butter is a spread that you can purchase to use in place of nut butter in recipes or snacks.

30-Black Bean & Cheese Tortilla

This combo is the perfect high protein snacks  for a non-snacky person  since it feels very large.  You need  1/2 cup of refried black beans, 1/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese and 1k beans contain corn tortilla.

Black beans contain certain compounds that can help with sugar management, improve blood cholesterol, improve heart health and decrease inflammation. Black beans are good source of resistant starch that supports a healthy gut microbiome.

The interesting choice is here a corn tortilla that contain very less calories than flour varities , which  likely to be much bigger in size.

Now topping it with cheese and beans and finally breakout your tortilla in the microwave. This healthy snacks give 276 k cal. energy and 14 grams of protein per serving. 

31-Greek yogurt parfait

Greek yogurt parfait  comes in the category of  healthy and excellent high protein snacks.

It gives 20 g of protein per 200-g serving. It has been shown to be more superior filling than yogurts because yogurt has lower protein content. Greek yogurt parfait is also important for bone health because it is rich in calcium.

For making yogurt more delicious and filling, you can make a parfait by adding 1 cup of yogurt with granola and mixed berries in layers.

If you add 1/2 cup (49 g) of granola to  yogurt, it give additional 4 gram of protein. Now your snack is somewhat high in calories, so you may not want to snack everyday depending upon your needs and choices.

32-Waffle with Toppings

You  will think about breakfast, when you will hear about waffles. But waffles are not just for breakfast only. If you want  recipe on waffle, arrange 1 tablespoon peanut butter,  ¼ cup blue berries and 2 teaspoons hemp seeds.

Mix high protein waffle with blueberries, now spread peanut butter on its top. Hemp seeds are added for crunch. Hemp seeds are also the good and healthy source of omega 3-fatty acids.  Per serving it gives 278 k.cal. energy and 12 gram of protein.

33-Protein bars

As the name indicates protein bars are the big source of healthy protein snacks. This is an easy way to eat a significant amount of protein. But in markets these protein bars are high in sugar and sweeteners.

You can make your own protein bars by using dried fruits, seeds and protein powder. Each protein bar gives nearly 9 gram of protein.

If you prefer lighter snack, you can skip chocolate topping. If you have to idea for purchase think choosing healthier options with negligible additives.

If you want some more testing then you can add flavorings like cocoa and vanilla. You can also make caramel toppings or top off the pudding with some fruit

34-Cereal with Milk

Very simple, quick and easy  recipe for high protein snacks. You have to mix 3/4 cup high-protein cereal with 1 cup low-fat milk. This combination gives 222 Kcal enegy and 16 gram of protein.

35-Veggies and yogurt dip

Veggies are not very high in protein. But they may be great healthy protein snacks if you combine with yogurt dip. Yogurt dip is usually made by combining yogurt with  flavorings and herbs, such as  lemon and dill  juice.

Greek yogurt will be the best in this regard since it contains almost twice as much protein as regular yogurt.

10 gram of protein you will get from a 100-g portion (1/3–1/2 cup) of Greek yogurt.

For ease, you can make a set of yogurt dip ahead of time. You can  portion it out into snack-size containers so you can take it when you need it.


Quinoa is a unique grain like food and good alternative for high protein snacks. It is gluten –free. It is rih source of proteins, minerals and vitamins.

8 gram of protein you will get from one cup of cooked quinoa. These chewy, nutty grains can be enjoyed as rice. Salads of chopped vegetables and greens can be more delicious if you add a scoop of quinoa. If you want more tasty, topped this recipe with cinnamon and drizzle of honey.

37-Peanut butter celery sticks

If you mingle celery  sticks with  1–2 tablespoons of peanut butter then it make a delicious high protein snacks. A great amount of protein is obtained from peanut butter. Each serving per 2-tbsp. (30-g) nearly gives 9 gram of protein.

When you take peanut butter or peanuts between meals, they are known for helping you and promote feeling of fullness.

38-Slice of cheese

Cheese is quick, easy, healthy and filling snack. It is rich source of phosphorus, calcium and selenium.

Furthermore, cheese is rich in protein. Only one slice of cheddar cheese gives 7 g of protein that makes it healthy protein snacks. As a result it may help you feel less hungry.

According to one study, calorie intake decreased significantly by 9% in overweight men, after participants consumed cheese for a snack.

One more study done on children, who ate a mixture of vegetable and cheese for a snack.  This study revealed, children needed fewer calories to make them full than those who consume potato chips. The weight of average slice of cheese is around 1-2 oz (28-57 g).

Despite containing good amount of protein, cheese should be take in moderate quantities because it contains a significant number of calories.

39-No-bake energy bites

high protein snacks

This is such high protein snacks that do not require baking. There are yummy and delicious snacks made by variety of ingredients like oats, nut butter and seeds.

Finally rolling them into balls. Now you can make  any protein powder or chocolate or peanut butter. Chocolate chip energy balls give 4 gram of protein per ball. Peanut butter energy bites  provide 6 gram protein per ball.

40-Hard-boiled eggs

high protein snacks

Eggs are conventionally good sources of proteins. They contain almost every nutrient your body needs. They are rich in Vitamin B complex and trace minerals.

These versatile hard boiled eggs are considered as high protein snacks. One hard boiled egg gives appox. 6 gram protein.

It is sufficient enough to keep you satisfied and  full until your next meal. This proper help in reducing the  number of calories you eat later in the day


These were  the lists of 40 high protein  snacks which are very healthy.

When hunger strikes between meals these  high protein snacks are important to have around. They help in  keeping you full and satisfied.

Although,  many snacks can be unhealthy, still there are plenty of healthy and handy options that you can like even when you are crunched for time.

Instead of depending upon  protein powders and shakes full of ingredients you can’t say opt for protein-rich, nutrient-dense whole foods that offer more nutrition overall (including, minerals, vitamins and fibers).

Try to make your own healthy high protein snacks. Don’t depend all times on packaged snacks all the time. They don’t give full control of the portion size and nutritional benefits.

A small investment of time and effort from your side will save your money and calories later on.

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