The complete Ketogenic diet for beginners

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How to get into ketosis?

Introduction How to get into ketosis?

  • When anyone hear about the benefits of the ketogenic diet , the first thing probably comes in mind that , what could be the possible reason  make it, as good as people say.
  • The best answer is, there are number of benefits of ketogenic diet, which can change person’s physical and mental health.

What  is a ketogenic or keto diet in realty?

  • This concept of diet plan popularly  known as the “ketogenic diet”, was first developed by Stanley Cohen in the 1920s.
  • The diet also well-known as the “keto diet” is a very healthy eating style  that significantly reduces fat and calories.
  • Ketogenic diet is very little in carbohydrates (5% of calories) and in protein (20% of calories) but the rest of the calories (75%) comes from good fats. 
  • Ketogenic diet cuts carbohydrates by about 50 percent, which is  one of the  most important diet, person can start and still considered as a keto diet.
  • This diet is meant to limit obesity and the metabolic syndrome, as a result  ketogenic diet can be considered as an severe form of the metabolic diet.
  • Another potential benefit of keto diet is reducing body fat percentage resulting in weight loss.
  • Not only in weight loss, keto diet also have a positive impact on  health and total mood of body. Complete Ketogenic diet for beginners
How to get into ketosis?
How to get into ketosis?

 Why Ketogenic Diet different? Top 5 benefits of the keto-diet

  • This diet is high in fat and low quantity in carbohydrates as  a result  those who follow the keto diet will be eating mostly fats, not carbohydrates. It is a  low carbohydrate diet that eliminates all carbohydrates from  diet.
  • In other words, this diet eliminates remaining high-carbohydrate foods and replaces with healthy fats.
  • In simple language , it can be say that, no carbohydrates  are allowed in  daily intake. Practically it is very difficult to do in everyday life.
  • This diet is not simple to follow and can be very tough if  having a serious case of diabetes.
  • But despite this, the benefits of taking a ketogenic  diet  prevail over the negative effects.
  • The basic idea is to adjust nutritional intake in order to drive the body into the metabolic state known as ketosis.
  • Now body enters a state of ketosis when, there are  no longer stores of glycogen sugar to fuel body’s  energy requirements.
  • When sugar is not available ,  body has left with  no choice as a result it has to take the energy from stored fat .
  • Liver converts this stored fat into ketone bodies. Now it acts as energy source for body.
  • This is the main reason why the keto diet is  a good method to lose fat.
  • Unlike other diets that offer  weight loss benefit and little else to consumers, the keto diet comes with several benefits also.

 Top 5 benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

1-Weight loss and appetite

  • Certainly, weight loss is the primary goal of the keto diet.
  • Without counting calories person can lose weight. This is the biggest benefit of the diet.
  • Keto diet is the best method for any person if he/she is looking for a short term weight loss goal.
  • One important  benefit of a keto diet is, it reduces appetite and provide all the necessary nutrients when person consume it.
  • Keto-diet provides  75% of calories from fat, so it  is the fuel part of  diet that trains  body to burn fat. 
complete Ketogenic diet for beginners
How to get into ketosis?
  • This ketogenic diet is accepted because it is sustainable and great for weight loss.
  • This diet  allows person  to sustain  ideal weight with high energy levels, without feeling hungry.
  • Since this diet contains  low-carbohydrate and  high fat,it reduces hunger and cravings
  • It is also helpful in lowering blood sugar, and allows  to burn fat without starving.
  • If When  diet is not heavy on carbohydrates, there will not be craving for food as before.
  • Many person  who are on the keto diet, are able to fast most of the day
  • They used to eat at mealtimes only. They are just not as hungry as before.

 2-Better ability to focus and being more energetic

  • When anyone choose a regular diet that puts carbohydrates into the body, brain has to adjust with the rise and fall in sugar levels that happens consequently.
  • If energy in the body is not consistent, then it is sometimes vey difficult for brain to focus.
  • Energy source  usually remains constant  and steady with the help of keto diet. Brain is better capable to stay focused.
  • Body is always on the edge of running out of energy if person is on regular diet. It consistently refuel.
  • When keto diet is available, body start utilizing its fat reserves for instant energy source.
  • Now body is able to maintain constant energy levels right through the day, as a result person end up feeling a lot more energetic. His mental health becomes very good.
complete Ketogenic diet for beginners
How to get into ketosis?

3-Keto diet improves good cholesterol level  and regulate blood pressure

  • HDL cholesterol is a type of good cholesterol. It is  helpful for clearing body’s bad cholesterol (LDL)reserves.
  • When a person is on keto diet, body’s bad  cholesterol(LDL)  levels fall and good cholesterol (HDL)l levels rise.
  • Blood pressure of patient  is also regulated by keto-diet, specially when they are taking blood pressure lowering medicines. Many people say that, they are able to stop blood pressure medicine specially when they are on the keto diet. Despite this, always consult doctor if person is on blood pressure lowering medicines. Complete Ketogenic diet for beginners

4-Keto diet  fight against diabetes

  • Particular diets for type 2 diabetic patients usually  focus on weight loss. Therefore  it might look crazy that a  diet rich in fat is an option.
  • The keto diet high in fats, low in carbohydrates can potentially modify the way,  body stores and uses energy resulting in  reduction of diabetes symptoms.
  • With the help of  keto diet,  instead of sugar,  body converts fat into energy. This diet was produced in the 1920s as a potential treatment for epilepsy.
  • Gradually this eating pattern was also being studied in  type 2 diabetic patients.
  • The ketogenic diet not only improve blood  sugar level in the blood, but also  reducing the need for insulin in the body.
  • As with other diet, this diet also come with risks. Always be sure to discuss with doctor before making any drastic dietary changes.
complete Ketogenic diet for beginners
How to get into ketosis?

 5-Helpful in childhood seizures (Epilepsy)

  • The typical keto-diet is a special high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet is also found useful  to control seizures in some people with epilepsy.
  • It is generally prescribed by a physician and watchfully monitored by a dietitian.
  • Doctors usually recommend the ketogenic diet for those  children, whose seizures have not  showing adequate response to different seizure medicines.

 Is it true? Keto diet is not for everyone. Top 5 benefits of the keto-diet

  • Keto-diet  is a very limiting type of  diet. It is true, but its benefits can not be denied.
  • Some person may complain of hunger and headaches, but it  doesn’t mean, that it is not a good diet.
  • But the most important thing is it is a good choice for anyone who is struggling to lose weight.
  • Yet, like any other diet plan, keto-diet also comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages .
complete Ketogenic diet for beginners
How to get into ketosis?

Conclusion How to get into ketosis?

  • The ketogenic diet, when taken, gives a strong boost in energy that usually lasts for nearly 36 hours. It has the capacity to improve quality of life for both short-term as well as long term.
  • But, always as a rule, this keto-diet also comes with certain limitations, and to take full advantage of the benefits, person need to follow it strictly, and in some cases for life long.
  • If anyone planning for this keto-diet, always make sure, first  consult with a doctor or dietician  to ensure that it is safe and right for health.

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