Depression- what is depression in hindi

DEPRESSION: What people will say?

  •  A lot is being written about a topic these days and that is depression, which is a good thing, but somewhere we will not forget, after a few days, it is important to remember.
  • Let’s talk about depression today, in which the patient  practically think about depression.
  •  So his/her  struggle starts with  these three people, first with himself, second with family and third with nearby people.
  •  Suppose a patient is 30 years old, and has been experiencing symptoms of depression for some time, sadness persists, does not feel like talking to people, negative thoughts come, negative energy, seems low and this has been going on for several weeks or months.
  • Before all these symptoms occur, some bad event may have happened in life, or even if nothing has happened, these symptoms can come without any reason.
  •  So when these symptoms come, the first fight is with myself, whether I have got depression, it is very difficult to accept that I have a disease.


  •  And it is more difficult to accept that I have a mental illness.
  •  The biggest thing that comes up is that, when people feel that they have depression, it means that they are weak.
  • They start fighting on their own that I cannot have depression, I am not so weak. That I am troubled by the troubles of small life, I cannot give up.
  •  Because of this type of idea, it only takes months to accept that they have depression.
  • It is very important for people to understand that having depression and general weakness are both different things.
  •  It is not that you are very weak as a human being. It only remains in the mind and nothing else.
  •  It is very important to get out of the mind that only physically weak people have depression and those who are of very strong build cannot.
  • Now there is another type of conflict, it happens with family members. When a person who has some problems and starts to believe that he has a problem, then he shares his problems with his family, or with a dear friend.
  • Unfortunately, in most cases, even the family members tell the patient that nothing has happened to you, if someone has said depression, then the family says that nothing happens, be happy, your mind calm down, do not let negative thoughts come to your mind or you are thinking too much and by speaking such things, the patient who was expecting help, is silenced.
  •  Do not let the depression patient, say negative thoughts and be happy, it is the same as if you tell a patient, if you have fever, then there is nothing, the temperature will be reduced, You will be fine on your own. But we and you are well aware, that this does not happen, we treat the patient completely with medicines.
  •  In the same way, to tell the patient of depression that there is no depression, it is a matter of mind, etc., saying that depression will not end. He will have to be treated completely.
  •  So this is the second level where the family does not understand, in a way, ignores the patient’s talk, they extend the problem for a few months. By now the patient starts suspecting that maybe I have not done anything, I am thinking too much and he stops this thing and does not go for treatment.


  •  Now comes another reason, unfortunately it is because of the doctor.
  •  Initially, patients first go to the General Physician or General Doctor. People go to the Psychiatrist and Psychologist  much later.


  • Unfortunately many times, even the Physician does not have a deep understanding of depression and they also say that, there is nothing like that, you have no illness, just run, be happy or do not give much thought to the patient.
  • Now, patient think that,  even if the doctor has refused, then nothing will happen to me.


  • Now the problem is that, these are the three main factors, due to which the problem remains the same, its solution can’t be found for further.  We have seen that by the time patients come to a psychiatrist or psychologist, they have wasted a lot of time.


  •  The problem which should have been fixed very easily long ago, it has come to the advanced stage.
  •  I know very well that, family members think only for the good of the patient, but they are afraid that, there has been depression, some mental illness, what will the people speak, what will the society say , Also try to suppress it in the same round.
  •   But understand that if a person suffers from depression, and aggravates, its side effects start appearing, then no person of the society, no neighbor or relative is going to come to save him, he must give up his life. You will have to cut yourself, fight your own battle.


  •  Do not stop your treatment because of those who do not support you in your bad times.
  • Finally, I would just like to say that, if any such symptom is found in you, or in a family member, or in a friend, then any city psychiatrist or psychologist of the city in which you live. Meet the and start your treatment.

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