DRUG ADDICTION:What will be the future?

Drug addiction:What will be the future?

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Drug addiction:What will be the future?
Drug addiction: What will be the future?

           DRUG ADDICTION: What will be the future?

  • Every year on 26 June, “International Day against   Drug Abuse and illicit trafficking is observed in view of the fast spreading drugs and increasing crime all over the world. 
  • This day, make people aware of drug abuse, harm and illegal trade of these drugs.
  • On this day, various communities and organizations all over the world organize various programs to tell people about the drug addiction.
  • Drug addiction, are the drugs, that once you get addicted, a person drowns in them and drowns.
  • It is a terrible thing that, while being expensive, also, the respect of man in society also decreases.
  • It is an expensive thing that makes the human body weak, as well as the loss of family, money and property etc. Society does not look at a drug addict in a good manner.
    DRUG ADDICTION:What will be the future?
    DRUG ADDICTION: What will be the future?

    Addiction can be seen even in young children. It is increasing day by day. Children are not aware of this.

  • They are not aware of whether, it is a good habit or a bad habit. If they get intoxicated then, they get caught up in it.This problem is being spread not only in the country but in the whole world.
  • People use drugs in many forms. In the old times, bidi, tobacco, gutka, munakka etc. were used. Now-a-days, even intoxicating things have changed their form. All these are easily available in the form of smack, heroin, opium, cocaine etc.
  • The methods of taking these intoxicants have also changed. Through capsules, injections, pills, powders, vapors, etc., they have started reaching the body.
  • The person suffering from intoxication becomes weak not just physically, but also mentally, he gets angry without any reason. 
  • He starts fighting with everyone, family, job, business everywhere.If the person gets addicted,  then his family has to bear a lot, family problems go on increasing on their own.
  • When the drug addict feels addicted, he is ready to do anything. Drug is very expensive, so the money, of the person also starts decreasing rapidly.
  • There are many people who used to be very rich earlier, but the habit of drugs has brought them on the road. They appear on the road like beggars.
  • If a person becomes a drug addict, his entire family is destroyed, as well as the whole country and the world is also lost, because the whole family, country and world is made up of all of us.

    The main reason for becoming a drug addict is the non-fulfillment of the target. Whenever a person wants to achieve a big target or something big in his life, and when he cannot find it, he gets frustrated. He finds some way to reduce his frustration.

  • Now the method, comes in form of drugs, then it becomes the beginning of that, now that method becomes everything for him. So, if he has taken drugs once, then he thinks again that, if I take drugs again, I will get a little relax.
    DRUG ADDICTION:What will be the future?
    DRUG ADDICTION: What will be the future?
  • But nothing happens, later on, it becomes the habit of the man. He starts taking this drug forever, then becomes a slave to this drug.
  • You already know that if a man becomes a slave or something, then he would be ready to do anything for that.
  • He is not in control of himself, then whether he has to sell the house, ring or  any household goods, he sells everything, brings drugs at home.

    The social scope of man also starts to decrease, he is not able to participate in social programs. Due to increased expenses and no means of income, debt starts increasing on him.

  • Due to lack of money, he also indulges in criminal activities, and also reduces illegal activities, which can also lead to legal proceedings.
  • Governments of all the countries of the World have set up departments of all kinds for the prevention of drugs. 

    There are numbers of  awareness campaigns are being conducted all over the world every year. All these efforts are praiseworthy. 

  • But this problem is increasing day by day, so we have to make more efforts. People have to be involved,  many N.G.O.  are engaged whole-heartedly in this process for spreading awareness regarding drug addiction.

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