Schizophrenia ICD-10 10 Frequently asked question-answers

Schizophrenia ICD-10 10 Frequently asked question-answers

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Schizophrenia ICD-10 10 Frequently asked question-answers
Schizophrenia ICD-10 10 Frequently asked question-answers

Schizophrenia ICD-10 10 Frequently asked question-answers

Q No. 1– 

Why schizophrenic person think that, they are right and others are wrong?


In schizophrenia, person are usually not aware about themselves. They live in their own world. They would even not realize that something is seriously wrong with them.  Schizophrenia is actually a type of psychotic illness  in which patient lose touch with realty.

They sometimes hear the voices, when no one is around them. It is called hallucination in mental health. They tell, some one is going to harm them, despite no such incidence actually happened.

They have firm belief on their thinking. Very difficult to  shackle their belief. If any one try to convince them, they become violent at times and becomes irritable.

Q No. 2

If medicine suits to the schizophrenic patient, is it necessary to go to doctor ?


Medicines are the main component in the treatment of schizophrenia. Some medicines response immediately. Some medicines take some time. Some medicines not respond at all.

Response of medicines depends upon various factors. This is usually best decided by concerning doctor (Psychiatrist). Even though, if any particular medicine responds well to patient, it is very important to go regularly for follow up.

Side effects of the medicines if any , manage by doctors. Increase or decrease the medicine doses decided by the doctors.

The most important question asked by the patients is “when to stop the medicines”, it is also decided by doctors. Therefore it is very important to see  the doctors regularly. Schizophrenia ICD-10 10 Frequently asked question-answers

Schizophrenia ICD-10 10 Frequently asked question-answers
Schizophrenia ICD-10 10 Frequently asked question-answers

Q No.3

Can we cure schizophrenia by good environment and good behavior?


Good environment plays an important role in the treatment of schizophrenia. Family support is one of them.

Members in family understand the symptoms of schizophrenia, available treatment options and also the course of recovery. It  helps in decreasing their distress, give confidence and encourage coping.

Good behaviour of family members and society towards patients help in  their capacity for fighting against schizophrenia. 

Q No.4

How a doctor ascertain that his patient has fully recovered from schizophrenia?


Full recovery in schizophrenic patients depend upon various factors. Full recovery includes symptoms free period. Not only this, patients  also should involve in social functions and gatherings. They should do some work for their earnings.     

Chances of frequent relapses  (again being affected with illness) are very common in this psychiatric illness. Therefore before, declaring full recovered and fit, doctors usually assess all these parameters in schizophrenic patients.

schizophrenia in teens

Q No.5

If schizophrenic patients not taking drugs, what I do tell in good way ?


Not all, but some patients of schizophrenia have very poor insight about their illness. They behave like, as they have no problems and doctor give medicines without any reason. It is because they have lost the realty with surroundings.

Most important way to treat such patients is to give medicines immediately. If patient not taking medicines  by mouth, then they should be given medicines by injections.

After stabilization of the patient, they  used to start showing improvement. Now it is the right  time to start  psychological intervention.

schizophrenia in teens
Schizophrenia ICD-10 10 Frequently asked question-answers

 Q No.6

Can a person with schizophrenia work in night shifts?


Definetly yes. But it is also determined by various other factors like types of schizophrenia, presence of negative symptoms, family income etc.  

Rate of unemployement in patients with schizophrenia are as high as 70 percent. If patient work in night shifts, it is very important to take a proper sound sleep of nearly 6-7 hours daily in day time.

They should also take the medicine at proper time. Strong work load should be avoided as  as possible  during night shift. Alcohol or other addictions should be avoided at any cost. Schizophrenia ICD-10 10 Frequently asked question-answers

 Q No.7

For schizophrenia patients other than taking injections, is it necessary to take daily tablets ?


Yes, It is very important to take tablets daily for schizophrenic patients. There are two types of patients, first are those who willingly take the prescribed medicine. Second are those who do not  want to take the medicine.

For this second group we require injections.  Taking medicines regularly help in decrease of symptoms. It leads to increase personal care and enhance social skill.

Q No.8

Why is weight gaining associated with the schizophrenia?


The reason for weight gain in schizophrenia is indirectly different.  They are taking antipsychotic medicines for their illness. Most of these  medicines have the side effects in the form of weight gain and increase appetite. Schizophrenia ICD-10 10 Frequently asked question-answers

Q No.9

 Is Invega sustenna useful to negative symptoms of schizophrenia


Invega sustenna is a brand name of paliperidone palmitate. It is antipsychotic medicine used in the treatment of schizophrenia. Particularly Invega sustenna is an injection used once in month.

Those patients, who do not want to take medicine regularly, prefer this. Also good for those patients who have negative symptoms of schizophrenia. Negative symptoms of schizophrenia includes remaining aloof, confined to themselves, poor social interaction, not expressing themselves.  

Q No.10

Quetiapine or olanzapine efficacy wise which one is superior in schizophrenia


There are several researches and guidelines which have compared the effectiveness of antipsychotic medicines. Overall results suggest clozapine and aripiprazole are most efficacious medicines. Olanzapine seems to more efficacious than quetiapine, though much not different.

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