“Mental health is often missing from public health debates even though it is critical to well being”     –  Diane Abbott                                                                                                                                                                     



  • It is important for everyone during the extreme time of crisis to be safe and healthy, mentally and physically both.
  • Novel corona virus (COVID-19) spreads from person to person preferably by droplets. So, people cough and sneeze, the droplets go on the surfaces or someone’s body or their clothes.
  • Now someone touches those droplets with their hands, pick them up, move to the mouth, nose and the eyes, from where they can be put into the next person’s body.
  • So it is very simple and very easy form of transmission. That is the reason social distancing is so important for everyone.  
  • Everyone has a role to play to reduce and slow the transmission of COVID-19.
  • Social distancing is an essential step in prevention of the spread of virus.
  • Practice social distancing by putting at least six feet between yourself and others.
  • Frankly speaking, social distancing is very new to a lot of people and it is difficult for them.
  • We are all used to shaking hands. Younger generations, in particular are  used to hugging and we simply can’t do now. So We have to change a lot of basic sort of core social interaction.
  • At the same time, apart from just not touching people, we need to be actually cleaner. We used to wash more frequently.
  • We need to use sanitizers on surfaces that we are touching that other people may touch and so we have to be much more careful about whole environment. Therefore it is a big change.
  • It is something that people find hard to maintain. It is easy enough initially, but then it is very easy  to start falling into a sort of bad ways.



  • Not everyone reacts the same way to sort of self-isolation. It is harder on some people. It depends on your motivation and knowledge. So that you know why you are reacting on some thing.
  • Very few people will change their behavior or change their activities if they don’t know why that is.
  • We all want to be informed about what is going on but we don’t  need to be informed every five minutes.
  • One of the key thing in whole situation is to get good quality information from reliable sources like W.H.O., Health Ministry, Trusted professional news organizations at local and national level.
  • Quite honestly, I must say that, this is a time, forgetting most of the information from social media.



  • People have lots of social contact and feel really isolated, not to be in constant touch these days.
  • Who really are the most important people in your life? Who are your intimate social contacts? What is your essential service network system.
  • Most adults literally have 7-8 people (spouse, sibling, parents, children, may be one or two friends) in general.
  • Think about these people, who are intimate friends, who could really help you if you are in trouble and deliberately increases your contact with them.
  • Not necessarily in person, but using the phone, video-conference or some other communication that you find relatively appropriate and spend more time, actually not just connecting bur reconnecting with these really important people.
  • The reality of life is we actually have relatively few friends. We have lots of acquaintances.
  • Now ignoring your acquaintances for a few weeks actually is not going do any harm but ignoring your real true friends is a problem. 

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