Top10 benefits of eating organic food: You should know

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Top10 benefits of organic food: You should know
Top10 benefits of organic food: You should know

Top 10 benefits of organic food: You should know


What are the benefits of organic food and what is organic food? This question usually comes into the mind  specially for last 5 years.

More and more people are starting to realize the benefits of organic food.

The term organic has become synonymous with health, and it can be found on grocery store shelves all over the World.

In fact, according to a 2013 survey by the Organic Trade Association, 70 percent of American consumers purchase organic products at least some of the time, spending $28 billion annually on them as well.

Eating organic food offers several benefits that make it worthwhile to switch over completely to this type of food source and avoid non-organic items entirely from your grocery cart.

The health benefits of organic food can be quite substantial, and you may even prefer the taste of organic produce to non-organic foods.

Here are the top ten health benefits of organic food, so you can see why it is worth it to spend the extra money on this type of produce over conventional alternatives.

Top10 benefits of organic food: You should know
Top10 benefits of organic food: You should know

1-Buy Local/In-Season

One of many reasons to eat organic is because most conventional foods are sprayed with pesticides.

When you are shopping for food, make sure it is as local and in-season as possible, so you will be eating out-of-season produce that was grown using harmful chemicals.

If you can not afford all organic, choose fruits and vegetables that tend to have high pesticide loads, like peaches and celery.

Stay away from conventional versions of these fruits and veggies whenever possible.

In general, try to eat organic foods at least 50 percent of the time as your budget allows.

2-Boost Your Immune System

By eating organic foods, you are reducing your exposure to pesticides and additives that can sap your body of energy.

The result is a stronger immune system and increased productivity at work and around the house.

Many conventional fruits and vegetables are grown with pesticides, which have been linked to everything from cancer to decreased cognitive function.

Other organic foods may be grown with pesticide residue, but organic farming methods are far less likely to lead to over-exposure.

When you choose organic fruits and veggies, you can sleep easier knowing that your body is getting all it needs for optimal health. A strong immune system equals a strong work ethic.

3-Save Your Money

One of biggest benefits to eating organic food is that it is better for your wallet.

You can easily save a couple hundred dollars per month by eating organic foods, rather than their non-organic counterparts.

For example, purchasing conventional apples may cost you $3 per pound, while organic apples will cost $4 or more per pound.

Organic produce tends to be on average about 30% more expensive than conventional produce and meat can be 2-3 times as much for organic versions.

However, it all balances out when you factor in that those items tend to last longer and maintain their quality far better than their conventional equivalents.

Top10 benefits of organic food: You should know
Top10 benefits of organic food: You should know

4-Enjoy More Variety

If you eat organic food, it means your diet is a lot more varied than other people’s.

You might have heard that variety is the spice of life, and researchers are beginning to prove that eating different foods actually has benefits for our health.

When we eat an organic diet, we benefit from a greater variety of nutrients; some may be completely new to us while others might help supplement deficiencies in our regular diets.

Getting more nutrients helps ward off disease and illness as well as improving our general quality of life.

5-Better Beauty Products

When you are eating organic food, you can be sure that what you are putting in your body is better for it.

Not only does organic food taste better but it is also healthier because it is grown without pesticides and chemicals.

Many conventional beauty products contain these harmful toxins, but organic products are safe and healthy.

In fact, some countries have banned certain chemicals found in other countries because they have been shown to cause cancer and other health issues.

By buying organic beauty products, you can feel confident knowing that you are not being exposed to harmful chemicals that may otherwise cause harm to your body or skin.

6-Know What You Are Getting

Before purchasing organic food, always read ingredient labels to make sure you are getting what you think you are.

Even if a food says organic on its label, it may not be free from pesticides and other chemicals.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has set strict guidelines for any food product that contains organic in its name or packaging.

Look for a label that says 100% organic or at least lists organic ingredients as one of the first few listed items.

If you still are not sure about whether a certain product is truly organic, contact your local cooperative extension office.

These offices are located around universities across most states and can be an excellent resource for anyone trying to make sound eating choices in today’s world.

Top10 benefits of organic food: You should know
Top10 benefits of organic food: You should know

7-Stronger Nails

A 2007 study out of Austria found that rats fed an organic diet for two months had stronger nails than those fed a conventional diet.

Researchers are not sure why, but there are theories that trace back to higher amounts of nutrients and antioxidants in organic foods.

A recent meta-analysis published in a journal called BMJ Open found that organic produce is richer in certain antioxidant compounds than conventionally grown food, including certain polyphenols and flavonoids.

Flavonoids help protect against heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other conditions.

You can get more naturally occurring nutrients by eating less processed food full of pesticides and additives and transitioning to an all-organic diet is one way to do it.

8-Rethink Packaging

While there is no evidence that trace amounts of pesticides in conventional food pose a serious health risk, many people prefer to avoid them.

In fact, The Environmental Working Group estimates that organically grown produce has 10 times fewer pesticide residues than non-organic produce.

A study published in Environmental Health Perspectives suggested that eating an organic diet could reduce your lifetime exposure to pesticides by up to 40%.

Foods with high water content like fruits and vegetables typically have higher concentrations of pesticides so reducing your intake of these foods could lower your exposure significantly.

To further reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals found in food, it is a good idea to purchase organic meats and dairy products as well.

9-Less Expensive in the Long Run

The price difference between organic and conventional foods is significant and for many people, it is hard to justify.

However, you end up saving money in a variety of ways when you make sure all your food is organic.

Some studies have shown that families that eat organic food save an average of $550 a year.

It may seem like an expense at first, but it is well worth it in the long run.

Top10 benefits of organic food: You should know
Top10 benefits of organic food: You should know

10-Less Exposure to Chemicals

Organically grown food is not allowed to be treated with synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, or genetic modification.

That means that you are much less likely to have any exposure to harmful chemicals when you eat organic.

Most conventional foods are heavily treated with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which can find their way into your body during digestion and lead to cancer.

By opting for organic food, you reduce your risk dramatically.


These are the top ten benefits of organic food.

Whether you are an organic food lover or just curious about why organic food has become so popular, from preventing potentially harmful effects on your body to saving money, you can reap multiple rewards from eating organically.

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