New virus causes illness in babies in US is Parechovirus (Pev)

This virus belongs to enterovirus family which is responsible for number of childhood-infections 

This virus is mostly prevalent in spring, summer and autumn seasons.

This virus does not spread much during winter season.

This virus is contagious and spreads through person’s saliva, faeces and breath. 

It hardly causes any symptoms but mild symptoms like flu like respiratory symptoms, fever and diarrhea may be present.

Look for these symptoms in kid. · Rash · Seizure · Fever · Irritability · Pain · Drowsine · Rapid heart beat

Between 6 months and 5 years children are more likely to have infection.

Children less than 3 months can lead to dangerous problems like sepsis, meningitis, encephalitis and seizures.

No specific treatment available for This virus. Rest, over the counter drug and lots of fluid give some help.