What is biohacking ? We should know about it.

What is biohacking ? We should know about it.

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What is biohacking ?

What is biohacking ? We should know about it.
What is biohacking ? We should know about it.


Biohacking is the process of optimizing our body to next level. It includes tracking our food, using supplements and exercise.

It is an  art of using science to change the human body and becoming more and more popular every day.

Biohacking is also sometimes known as DIY Biology (Do it your self, Biology)

Biohackers use a variety of methods to improve their health and performances.

While biohacking can be done for any reason, many people use it to improve their well being.

The term “biohacking” was coined by American writer Dave Asprey.

Why is biohacking important ?

Biohacking is important, because it can help you improve your health, performance and well being. It can also help you learn more about your body and how to best take care of it.

But if you are not interested in breaking yourself down and rebuilding from scratch, you might think biohacking is not for you.

Whether you want to run faster or jump higher, look younger or feel stronger, biohacking can help you get there, and that is the reason, why you need to care about it.

What is biohacking ? We should know about it.
What is biohacking ? We should know about it.

What are the benefits of biohacking ?

Biohackers believe that by optimizing their bodies, they can achieve higher level of health and well being.

There are number of benefits of biohacking including:

1-Increased energy and vitality:

Biphackers usually report increased energy and vitalty, as well as improved mood and sleep quality.

2-Increased brain function:

Person who do biohacking usually report improved memory recall, fast processing speeds and better problem solving skills.

3-Reduced inflammation and pain:

As in case of chronic pain these biohackers often report decreased pain and inflammation.

What is biohacking ? We should know about it.
What is biohacking ? We should know about it.

What are the risks of biohacking?

Although there are positive aspects of bio hacking, but,  it is important that, we should know about its negative effects as well.

This will be beneficial for both our health and life in general.

Some of these negative effects include death from malnutrition, nutritional deficiencies, and even more severe side effects like an electrolyte imbalance.

These are some very serious side effects that will definitely have a long term impact on our health and life as a whole.

Some person may attempt to biohack their bodies in an unauthorized or unsafe manner which could lead to serious health problems.

Others may try to biohack their minds in an attempt to boost their mental abilities or intelligence, which could have negative consequences.

It is important to be aware of the risks associated with biohacking and to use caution, when try to optimize mind or body any person.

It is also important that, you do everything you can to be safe, when bio hacking and never try anything extreme or new, until you have researched it well.

Just because someone may tell you that they tried something once and they were fine, does not mean that what they tried will not hurt or kill another person completely different than them. You should be very smart with your choices.

How does it make you smarter?

There’s no magic bullet here. But on its own, each practice seems to provide benefits.

For example, mindfulness meditation has been shown in studies to improve attention and reduce reaction time. It is just plain enjoyable (or so we hear).

Fasting is said to have mental health benefits, as well as it can be a form of detox for your brain (getting rid of all those pesky chemicals that build up when you eat things made with moldy grains), or perhaps as physical training for your body (much like going for a jog will make you faster at running long distances).

And even without a direct benefit, limiting what you eat will certainly result in weight loss. That makes it worth a try. Still need more reasons?

What is biohacking ? We should know about it.
What is biohacking ? We should know about it.

What does it mean to be an enhanced human?

According to futurist, inventor and self-described emergent scientist Ray Kurzweil, you should use technology to enhance your body and brain, so that you can be smarter, stronger and healthier.

Through his book, he describes, what he calls a future, where we will be able to control our biology using nanobots injected into our bodies that will act as tiny robots both inside of us and out. If anyone ever dreamed of turning themselves into The Six Million Dollar Man, here is, how they can do it now.

Will there be issues with non-upgraded humans?

In order for humanity to accept self-upgrades, they will have to be useful and not cause more problems than they solve.

For example, if someone chooses not to have anti-aging treatments but has a loved one who does have them, that loved one would theoretically live much longer than him or her which may cause issues.

Or perhaps an individual could choose an upgrade that makes them more successful in school but makes them less empathetic; therefore, instead of having a highly educated human with strong moral values, we’d have a human who is selfishly motivated and selfishly acting.

Is this really a viable option in today’s world?

This depends on a few factors. If you are not particularly athletic or active, it might seem weird to inject hormones into your body.

However, if you are interested in biohacking, it is important that you have a strong understanding of what they are and how they work.

Whether or not they are viable, is an entirely different question. Researching biohacks before jumping right in will help ensure that these injections work for you and don’t cause any problems down the road.

What is biohacking ? We should know about it.
What is biohacking ? We should know about it.

How do you get started on biohacking?

First, you need to decide, what it is that you want to biohack. Do you want more energy? A stronger memory? Or do you just want your morning cup of coffee without feeling like crap afterwards?

Once you know your desired outcome, there are lots of ways that you can approach your biohacking journey.

For instance, if stamina is your concern, one option is intravenous hydration therapy; also known as IV therapy or hydration drips.

Here, medical professionals place a needle in a vein and infuse vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream and if that sounds terrifying to you, don’t worry; it’s actually quite safe.


Biohacking is a great way to optimize your body. There are many benefits of biohacking, but there are also risks. You should consult with a doctor before starting any biohacking regimen.

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